Xeikon targets Wallpaper market

Xeikon is taking aim at the growing market for digitally-printed wall coverings, having announced a Wall-Covering suite earlier in the year, which will now be demonstrated at the HeimTextil show in January.

The solution is one of several variations on Xeikon’s Document suite, which attempts to tailor specific applications around a Xeikon 3500 printer. This is a roll-fed printer that’s essentially a very wide label printer, with a maximum print width up to 516mm and capable of producing up to 600 m²/hr.

This will be shown at HeimTextil with a Jumbo unwinder, a Weko humidifier for non-woven substrates and a Web Varnishing unit. In the final production stage, the roll will be slit and cut into separate rolls with a unit from Tecnau. The rolls will be picked up and rewound by a Fotoba rewinder. The actual configuration can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6HwlgjqI24 Xeikon will be showing wallpaper depicting images with a 3D illusion that can only be put to the test by touching the flat surface.

Xeikon will also show its SuperBlack toner. Normal black toner produces a density of 1.8 microns, while the new SuperBlack provides a density of 2.2-2.4. SuperBlack is a spot colour that can be applied using the fifth colour station of a Xeikon digital press.

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