Xeikon validates Kotkamills sustainable paper cups

The Finnish paper mill Kotkamills Oy has developed a sustainable paper cup stock, Kotkamills Isla Duo, which Xeikon has now validated for use with its dry toner digital printers.

Paper mills Kotkamills has developed this Isla Duo sustainable paper cup stock.

Kotkamills calims that the raw materials used plus its board production technology make for a reasonably stiff yet tactile cup. The Isla Duo stock is paper-based and uses a water-based dispersion layer rather than a traditional PE coating as a barrier. This makes for a more environmentally-friendly solution that is plastic free, recyclable and biodgradeable. It also has the advantage that the barrier does not become charged by static electricity, which in turn allows for high printing speeds and good stackability properties.

Saila Kettunen, director of Barrier Boards at Kotkamills Oy, explained: “The cooperation with Xeikon in developing the high quality of digital printing of our Isla Board has been very smooth and fruitful. The suitability of our material for digital printing provides cup producers with the possibility to offer individual and smaller, customized batches of plastic-free paper cups that are easy to recycle within any paper or board waste streams.”

Xeikon has now added the Kotkamills Isla Duo to its print media list as a Xeikon validated substrate. Sébastien Stabel, Market Segment Manager Carton Packaging at Xeikon, says: “During testing, we saw a match between our food safe dry toner technology and the Isla Duo board characteristics. We tested printability, productivity, and toner adhesion. The results were excellent and consistent.” He added: “We are convinced that our roll-to-roll dry toner engine set-up offers a perfect technical fit for paper cup converters and has the potential to create new or alternative business opportunities.”

Kettunen added: “We consistently endeavour to bring our best know-how and experience to our innovations. At Kotkamills, we are passionate about changing the game, and we are proud to have been nominated as one of the winners of the NextGen Cup Challenge, the global innovation initiative that took place at the end of February 2019. This groundbreaking challenge was launched by the NextGen Consortium dedicated to advancing the design, commercialization, and recovery of food packaging alternatives.”

Xeikon will demonstrate printing on to the Kotkamills Isla Duo with a roll-to-roll Xeikon 3500 series printer at its Xeikon Café event, which takes place at its factory in Belgium 26-28 March. You can find more about this at www.xeikoncafe.com.

For more information about Kotkamills and the Isla Duo stock, visit  www.kotkamills.com

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