Xara Web Designer 11 released

Xara has updated its Web Designer Premium, which aims to be an easy-to-use program for creating web pages. Version 11 gains a number of new features, including sticky navigation, whereby Navigation bars, social media links, text panel or images can be stuck in position on the browser so they remain visible on screen as the page scrolls under.

Backgrounds can now be stretched so that they cover the browser window without an obvious page boundary. It also supports HTML5 animations. The program also syncs files via Dropbox and Google Drive so that edits can be automatically updated on multiple computers.

It also comes with the beta version of cloud.xara which allows users to edit and update the content of a Xara website using a web browser. For commercial designers, cloud.xara gives controlled editing rights to their clients, allowing them to edit text and replace images and update their website.

Xara Web Designer 11 Premium includes Task Pilot ‘M’ hosting, free for one year (worth $1.99 a month). This includes 2GBytes of free web hosting space, one free domain name and Task Pilot Organizer (including cloud based calendar and contacts).

The premium edition costs £69.99 but there’s an entry level edition for £34.99. It runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 and requires a minimum 500MB of RAM and a minimum of 300MB hard-disk space.

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