Tresu updates iCoat

Tresu has updated its iCoat with a new iCoat II model that’s said to have much better registration and tighter tolerances, enabling high-end coating results for a wider range of thin and thick substrates. 

Tresu has updated its B2 iCoat for use with HP’s latest Indigo 3500 folding carton press.

The iCoat is designed for adding UV or water-based varnish for digital printers. It can be used to apply spot, partial or full surface coating immediately after the printing stage. It is meant to be integrated with sheet-fed digital folding carton and commercial printing presses as part of a single-pass printing and converting line. Tresu has had particular success in partnering with HP to integrate the iCoat with HP’s Indigo folding carton presses, and so the new iCoat II is mainly designed for working with the new Indigo 35K

It’s a modular machine that can be updated with further modules and functionalities at any time in order to accommodate future changes in brand owners’ printing operations or changes arising from short-run seasonal fluctuations or fashion cycles.

Ronni Nielsen, vice president of Tresu’s Solutions Division, comments: “With the next generation Tresu iCoat II, the converters in digital printing enter a new era of coating application opportunities and we now present a flexible modular coating solution with significantly tighter registration and tolerances for a wider range of substrates, enabling our customers to match the quality they already know from offset.”

Tresu has also announced a range of colour and coating circulators with the L30i Combi, XL5i and FX, which are the third generation of its ink and coating circulation technology. They all share a modular platform, designed with built-in intelligence, offering converters new control, connectivity and data opportunities in print and coating operations. Tresu is also planning to launch a new chamber doctor blade system with unique flow characteristics. 

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