Agfa releases Fortuna 11 security software

Agfa has announced the latest version of its high security design and print software, Fortuna 11. Fortuna is widely used to produce sensitive documents such as driver’s licenses, passports and birth certificates.

Agfa’s Fortuna software is widely used for producing security documents such as passports and driving licenses.

It is a modular program that allows different users, including both designers and printers, to choose the modules that they need while working from the same core software.

This latest version gains two new features, including Live Preview, which enables users to view changes in their security designs in real-time instead of checking it in a separate preview window. It works together with the second new feature, Smart Stepper, which allows users to try out different settings and easily revert to previous ones.

Agfa appears to have focused on improving user interactivity with this software. Thus it also gains the ability to run more smoothly with Wacom tablets and on computers with touch screens.

Andy Grant, Global Head of Software at Agfa Graphics, says: “Fortuna 11 focuses on an improved user experience by enabling security designers to create high-security design details in complete symbiosis with all surrounding security elements. And we’ll continue adapting the software to increase design productivity. Also, Agfa Graphics plans to launch new software to further facilitate and automate the production process of qualitative high-security documents.”

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