Sun Chemical and Document Security collaborate on brand protection

Sun Chemical has partnered with Document Security Systems to cross market and sell one another’s anti-counterfeiting products.

DSS has developed AuthentiGuard, which uses smartphone technology to validate product authenticity.

This includes DSS’ AuthentiGuard suite of anti-counterfeiting technologies, which allows consumers or supply chain personnel to validate product authenticity with a smartphone and includes hidden images and copy protection,

Sun Chemical’s end of the deal is a wide range of anti-counterfeiting solutions, including multiple covert taggant-reader systems, special effect security inks and smart sensor technology.

“As leaders in anti-counterfeiting, we are always looking for cutting-edge solutions that our customers can use to protect themselves,” said Jim Reiman, Director of Brand Protection for Sun Chemical. “This partnership with DSS offers even more anti-counterfeiting options for our customers to choose from. We’re particularly excited by DSS’ advanced smartphone authentication capabilities and how they complement our own product portfolio.”

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