New Ghent white paper on PDF file aggregation

The Ghent Workgroup, or GWG, has issued a new white paper, PDF Aggregation: What you need to know. This latest resource, written by the GWG’s Jason Lisi, highlights important information on managing problems that can occur when working with various types of PDF documents and elements in a single file that will itself be saved as a PDF, a process known as PDF Aggregation.

This could, for example, mean placing a PDF of a half-page ad in an InDesign editorial page of a magazine for print publication. Eventually, that page will be saved as a PDF for output, and that final PDF page will contain the half-page ad that was placed as a PDF.

PDF aggregation is common in workflows that include Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress; in imposition software such as Kodak Preps and EFI Metrix; and in publishing systems, such as Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and the Quark Publishing Platform.

Lisi says: “Whether PDF aggregation is done via human intervention, or via automated workflow processes, the more one is aware of the workflow and its implications, the better one can anticipate challenges and overcome them.”

You can download the whitepaper for free from

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