Sun Chemical teams up with T+ink

Sun Chemical has partnered with T+ink to form a joint organisation, T+sun, to develop functional print solutions using conductive ink to make packages and objects communicate, engage customers and manage inventory systems.

T+ink was one of the first emerging companies to commercialise true printed electronics across a variety of industries, including toys, packaging and clothing and thus has a number of patented technologies that are designed to replace switches, wires, buttons, speakers, lights, sensors, microphones, antennas and batteries with printed ink for touch and motion-activated applications. Sun Chemical has a global manufacturing infrastructure, supply chain, marketing and sales.

Terry Kaiserman, Chief Technology Officer, T+ink, commented: “This partnership will be on the frontlines of making objects smart and interactive.” He added: “T+sun will provide a fundamentally new way for brands to communicate, engage consumers, manage inventory and more. Conductive ink replaces RFID codes at a fraction of the cost and offers more security than QR codes.”

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