Sun Chemical to launch new SunTex and AquacureT inks

Sun Chemical has said that it will launch two series of inkjet inks at next year’s Fespa Amsterdam show.

The most interesting of these will be the AquacureT range, which as the name suggests is a water-based ink but designed for more robust applications. This ink chemistry, developed by the SunJet division, is an all-new development platform that should lead to other inks. It’s likely the basis of the inks used in Durst’s wide format Water Technology, seen in the WT250 at this year’s Fespa show.

The second ink family, SunTex, is designed for textile and soft signage applications. This will include a dye sublimation ink for transfer print applications which combines bright strong colours, dense black and a tough highly resistant ink film. There will also be a direct print dispersed dye ink for flag and banner applications with good ‘show-through’ for double-sided output such as flag printing. Both inks should be printed onto polyester and polyester-rich textiles and materials.

Naturally, Sun Chemical will also show its existing Streamline range of aftermarket solvent inks. This will include Streamline ESL2 low odour eco-solvent ink, developed as an alternative to Roland’s Ecosol Max 2 inks, and Streamline TBJ, for the HP TurboJet.

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