Stratasys simulates polypropylene material

Stratasys, one of the leading developers of 3D printing systems, has added a new material, Endur. This is an advanced simulated polypropylene material that has both high impact resistance and elongation at break, resulting in tough parts. The material also has a heat-deflection temperature up to 129°F / 54°C (HDT @ 0.45MPa per ASTM D-648-06) and has excellent dimensional stability for its material class.
It’s suitable for various objects such as moving parts, flexible living hinges and snap-fit parts. In addition, it is available in bright white and has a smooth surface finish that is suitable for prototyping household appliances, consumer goods, automotive parts and lab equipment.
It can be used with all Objet EdenV, Objet Connex, Objet500 Connex3 and Objet 30Pro 3D Printers.

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