Roland announces fluorescent inks

Roland DG is now stocking a range of Texart Fluor inks, which add fluorescent colours to the Texart XT-640 and Texart RT-640 dye sublimation printers.

These inks are available in yellow and pink, and Roland has put together an 8-colour inkset that includes the two fluorescents plus CMYK and orange and violet. Roland has also created the Fluor Colour Library compatible with both CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator. The Fluor ink in the Roland ErgoSoft Edition RIP that ships with the Texart printers.

Mark Elvidge, business development manager at Roland DG UK, says: “These fluorescent colours are hugely fashionable at the moment, with more sports teams utilising them in 2016 to provide high impact, eyecatching sportswear. With a huge year of sport coming up, many suppliers and designers will be wanting to capitalise on this with their offerings.”

The ink is supplied in 1 litre pouches.

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