New vision inspection system

Chromasens GmbH has introduced a vision-based inspection system that incorporates spectral image capture with 12 individual colour channels per pixel instead of just the three RGB channels.
The fully-automated system combines the Chromasens TruePixa multichannel line scan camera with its new Corona II broad-band line light, along with software that mimics the functionality of a traditional spectrophotometer.
The TruePixa cameras feature 12 spectral selective sensors that simultaneously scan the printed documents within the complete visible spectrum. The resulting spectral images provide for space-resolved spectral measurements in the whole image and in arbitrary areas of interest. With up to 3500 pixels per channel and 21.1 kHz line frequency, the cameras achieve high resolution at speeds up to 6 metres-per-second.
The Corona II LED line scan illuminator combines light distribution with illumination strength up to 2,500,000 lux, allowing the truePIXA line scan cameras to operate at far faster speeds than conventional models. Emitted LED light is focused leveraging the company’s patented mirror technology to achieve optimal light shape and spectral homogeneity in the illumination focus range, resulting in no chromatic aberrations.
The system can be used in-line or off-line in offset, gravure, flexo, or digital printing, as well as in the colour analysis of printed products such as sheets, stickers, brochures, and wallpaper. It works over the full-size document or in smaller, arbitrary areas of interest at any stage in the production process, further enhancing the system’s versatility and value.

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