GMG updates OpenColor

GMG has released OpenColor 2.2, the latest version of its program for creating proofing and separation colour profiles. This now gains automatic, spectral data-based optimization of measurement data.

GMG has updated its OpenColour profile software to v2.2.

OpenColor creates profiles based on characterization of the planned print production. It starts off with users measuring test charts or colour patches so clearly the quality of the profiles is heavily dependent on this measurement process. But problems with the test charts, such as poor substrate textures or dust, or even the measuring device itself being out of calibration, can all affect the results, forcing users to manually correct them.

This latest version automatically optimises the measurement data, as Peter Schöffler, GMG’s product manager, explains: “The optimization is based directly on the measured spectral data, which is then processed via our spectral model.” This means that the measurement data is preserved and not distorted by conversion into LAB. Users can configure the software to determine the degree of optimisation they desire.

In addition, OpenColor 2.2 supports CxF/X-4 through ISO 17972-4 so that spectral values along with dot gain steps can be communicated to other parties involved in a print production.

You can find more details on GMG OpenColor at:

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