New UV LED coatings from Flint Group

The Flint Group has extended its EkoCure line of UV flexo coatings for UV LED curing for worldwide distribution – they were first launched in 2012 in the US. These coatings use specially selected raw materials that match the narrow and targeted wavelength area that is typical for UV LED lamp output.

These should lead to reduced energy costs as well as allowing for a greater range of heat sensitive materials. In addition, UV LED lamps are nearly maintenance free with no mercury bulb replacement and disposal costs. The new EkoCure range includes a number of different coatings, such as gloss, matte and a non-yellowing coating as well as several primer coatings. Flint says that it can develop further coatings to meet the specific requirements of almost any narrow web printer.

As it is there’s a complete range of UV flexo inks, from all base colours in the Pantone base range, as well as UV rotary screen whites designed for combination printing plus a complete portfolio of metallic inks and varnishes.


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