Flint introduces EkoCure XS ink

Flint Group has launched a new narrow web flexo ink, EkoCure XS, designed for shrink sleeves.

Flint produces a wide range of inks.

This new UV ink can be cured with either mercury or LED lamps, answering a direct customer request. Dr Paulo Vieira, director of Research and Development for narrow web NA, explains: “Our scientists have developed a unique combination of photo-initiators and binders allowing the ink to cross link from top to bottom and therefore cure fully when exposed to the UV wavelengths from either Mercury or LED lamps.”

The ink is available in the full range of pantone shades as well as opaque white. It’s said to provide a consistent cure, even at high printing speeds, and to be flexible enough to retain its adhesion even after post shrink processing.

This ink has been tested by Groupe Lelys, a Canadian label printer. Aureo Azevedo, Groupe Lelys procurement leader, noted: “Overall adhesion and capacity release have been our biggest concerns.  EkoCure XS by Flint Group Narrow Web eliminated our adhesion issues, and significantly increased the satisfaction of our customers.  Additionally, we are able to run at 15-20% faster press speeds now that we print with EkoCure XS.  Our colours are brighter and our products are more appealing. We anticipate the expansion of our business via the high quality shrink sleeves our customers expect from Groupe Lelys.”

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