New iPhone security problems

Apple has launched its latest iPhone 5S and immediately run into problems. A German group, Chaos Computer Club, has cracked the flagship fingerprint security feature. The group posted a video demonstrating how easy it is to photograph a fingerprint from another surface, such as a glass, print it to plastic and then use it with another finger to unlock the phone. It’s hardly surprising since anyone who’s watched CSI will have seen this technique performed. But this will undermine the fingerprint scanner’s credibility for secure applications such as mobile banking.
Apple has already been forced to release the iOS7.01 update in response to two other hacks. Both of these affected the Lock screen. In the first case it’s possible to access photos from Control Centre and from there send out messages and emails. The second case is a bug that allows any number to be dialled from the Emergency Call screen, including International and premium rate numbers.
A second model, the 5C has left many analysts puzzled since it was expected to be an entry-level version but although made of plastic and missing some features it is not in fact much cheaper than the 5S.

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