New Canon inks support offset papers

Canon has developed a new set of iQuarius MX inks for its VarioPrint i-series inkjet printers that it claims will work with offset coated papers for high quality graphic arts applications.

Canon’s iQuarius MX inks for the VarioPrint i-series are designed to work with offset coated papers.

This is the third generation of inks for these printers and promise higher ink coverages on many offset coated stocks, suitable for applications such as higher quality books, manuals and direct mail. This ink works with Canon’s ColorGrip inline paper conditioning solution.

Duncan Smith, director of Industrial and Production Solutions for Canon UK, points out that these printers were initially aimed at transactional and direct mail applications and that Canon has been able to broaden their use, first with ColorGrip and now with this new ink. He added: “Today’s launch of the iQuarius MX inks is a direct result of our collaboration with customers, who asked us to channel our innovation efforts into developing inks that would enable them to reap the productivity benefits of the Océ VarioPrint i-series across an even broader spectrum of applications, supporting them to migrate more work from offset to digital production.”

Canon has now rebranded its original iQuarius ink, which becomes iQuarius MP ink (Multi Purpose), to distinguish it from the new iQuarius MX (Media Extended) version. This ink should be available next month.

Canon has also achieved Fogra 51 certification for a VarioPrint i300 press running the new iQuarius MX inks and is offering specific technical support to customers with these presses who wish to pursue Fogra 51 accreditation for their own operations. This accreditation would help customers tighten up their own processes and is a useful marketing tool in its own right.

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