Massivit launches second 3D printer

Massivit, the Israeli company that produces large scale 3D printers for the large format display graphics market, has announced a second machine, the Massivit 1500.

This Massivit 1500 is a slightly smaller version of the original Massivit 1800 3D printer.

It’s essentially a slightly smaller version of the existing Massivit 1800, with the aim of offering a cheaper machine to entice more customers. That said, the hallmark of the Massivit is its large size so the main difference is that the new 1500 is not as tall as the 1800, which should also make it easier for smaller print bureau to install. Thus the new 1500 has a printing height of 147cm whereas the 1800 has a print area up to 180cm. Both machines have a maximum printing width of 145cm and depth of 117cm. The new model comes with a single printhead with no option to add a second head. It’s also slower at 250mm/second versus 300mm/sec for the older machine.

Naturally it uses the same process, extruding Massivit’s propriety Dimengel, which cures under UV light, to build models up one layer at a time.

The models are hollow, but dimensionally strong enough not to need a support material. They can be coated to make them weather proof for outdoor use. The build area is big enough to print large models in one go and bigger displays can be made by joining several parts together. Typical applications include POP / POS displays, illuminated signage and props as well as high-endurance molds for cost-effective thermoforming for the retail, advertising, entertainment, events and interior design markets.

Avner Israeli, CEO of Massivit 3D, commented: “The Massivit 1500 builds on the incredible global success of our flagship Massivit 1800 and further cements our position as a frontrunner of innovative solutions for next generation visual communication.”

This new Massivit 1500 is being officially launched at the ISA Sign Expo this week in Florida, USA. It will also be shown at the Fespa show in Berlin, Germany, this May.

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