MHM turns to Memjet for textile printer

The Austrian company MHM, which makes screen printers for textile production, is integrating Memjet’s DuraFlex technology in its iQ Oval textile printing press.

MHM is developing a Memjet-based inkjet module to add to this iQ Oval textile screen printer.

MHM’s iQ Oval is a modular direct-to-garment printing press that can be configured for almost any production requirement and can be expanded to accommodate for future growth. The idea is that the DuraFlex module will be available for customers to retrofit into their existing equipment. I believe that this will be the first textile printer using Memjet printheads.

To start with it will print in CMYK though MHM is hoping to add two further colours as well as white ink. The ink is coming from Memjet, or at least its Japanese supplier, which I believe is Kao Collins.

Thomas Fröhlich, chief executive officer at MHM, says that it will print to a broad range of textiles, explaining: “You can print on cotton  with a regular white under base or on poly with a clear and blocker and under base  or with nothing under base on light fabric such as white or yellow.” He adds: “No pre-treatment is necessary – it is a very important point to keep the identical work flow as with screen printing. Of course, it is also possible to print some special base, such as a clear base with a screen to achieve a better result but is not needed for the printing itself.”

Fröhlich says that printer uptime is important to customers, adding: “But many of our customers have limited technical knowledge, or operate in regions with limited technical resources. That’s why we chose DuraFlex. Its long printhead life, combined with easy maintenance, ensures our customers have the resources needed to produce high-quality output and succeed in this fast-paced market consistently.”

The print module is still in development but MHM hopes to be able to show it later this year, possibly at Print United.

Russell Boa, senior vice president of Memjet’s short run digital business, explained: “Combining the speed, simplicity, and affordability of DuraFlex with the extensive capabilities of the iQ Oval creates a hybrid printing solution with the quality and flexibility needed to meet the demands of direct to garment printing today – and in the years ahead.”

You can find more details on the Duraflex heads from and on MHM’s screen printers here.

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