AR Metallizing acquires Eurofoil Paper Coating

AR Metallizing, which manufactures metallized paper and paperboards for use in the food, beverage and consumer packaging goods industries, has completed its acquisition of Eurofoil Paper Coating.

AR Metallizing has acquired Eurofoil Paper coating.

Eurofoil itself is split into two parts and this deal only includes the Paper Coating side and not the Aluminium foil operation. Eurofoil Paper Coating, which was formerly Novelis and Alcan, is based in Berlin and produces laminated and metallized inner liners for uses such as wrapping chocolates and chewing gum as well as metallised gift wrap and flexible packaging. The factory is highly automated and includes water-based lacquering and metallizing lines, said to be among some of the fastest in the world.

Dr Bart Devos, AR Metallizing’s CEO, commented: “As well as growing our production capacity and meeting increased customer demand, the acquisition of Eurofoil Paper Coating GmbH has expanded the number of products we can offer for direct food contact packaging applications. Likewise, the acquisition will allow us to strengthen our position as a provider of choice for multinational firms looking to use eco-friendly, paper-based packaging and labelling materials.”

The deal leaves AR Metallizing, which is a subsidiary of the Japanese company Nissha, with some 700 staff in total. You can find more details from

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