MGI to show new AI registration

MGI will demonstrate two new technologies at the upcoming drupa show including an automatic sheet registration system.

The AIS SmartScanner uses artificial intelligence to create an automatic varnish and hot foil registration for inkjet heads and each printed sheet. It’s said to reduce the amount of time an operator spends on setting up registration by around 80 percent, as well as also cutting down on makeready waste. MGI says that it makes corrections and adjustments for any defects generated by the original offset or digital printing run and any subsequent lamination process. Naturally it can handle variable data jobs.

The second of these technologies, Meteror Unlimited Colors, comes about through adding a hot foiling unit to one of MGI’s dry toner digital presses. The foil can be overprinted with the CMYK toner for a range of different metallic colour effects. These can be printed to uncoated and textured papers, as well as on coated and offset papers.

MGI has used it to create an on-demand holographic system, Authentication Hologram Digital Printing, or AHDP, that relies on specially formulated toner and foil films. This allows for customized security applications at a relatively low cost. It can be added to several of MGI’s Meteor printers, which between them support paper sizes up to 330 x 1200 mm, paper weight up to 400 gsm and a wide variety of envelopes.

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