Hybrid partners with Cerm

Hybrid Software has teamed up with Cerm to create a direct link with packaging productivity software and the Cerm MIS and Web to print applications, available to existing users of either company’s products.

Cerm, which is owned by Heidelberg, concentrates solely on the label and flexible packaging sectors. Jan Ruysschaert, managing director of Hybrid Software, commented: “This makes Cerm a very attractive partner because we also serve those sectors. Combining our two product portfolios creates some very exciting new possibilities for printers, who increasingly need to automate the entire printing process, rather than just pre-press.”

There’s a new JDF-based interface between Hybrid’s Cloudflow and the Cerm server that enables a 1-up approval cycle for new labels, with customers also having the option to use Hybrid’s remote soft proofing system, Proofscope. The Cloudflow system will also use step and repeat information from the MIS system to create a step and repeat for output.

The sales teams from the two companies are being cross-trained with the plan to increase collaboration in the future.

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