MGI acquires industrial print specialist Ceradrop

MGI has bought Ceradrop, a French company based in Limoges, which dominates the French market for printed electronics and the printing of 3D components. Ceradrop has developed advanced equipment for printing both 2D and 3D ceramic and organic electronic components with high added value, such as antennas, Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display screens, electronic chip cards, solar cells, RFID tags, printed batteries, and biomedical sensors. These components can be printed onto a wide variety of materials such as glass, metals, polymers, plastics and paper as an alternative to conventional manufacturing processes. According to IDTechEx market research, the market for printed electronics was estimated at $9.4 billion in 2012, and is forecasted to grow to more than $40 billion in 2020 and $300 billion by 2030.
Ceradrop has been able to print very complex component designs and overcome constraints linked to the type of materials being deposited via inkjet thanks to an exclusive patented software suite as well as its ink technology. It has a team of 15 Doctors, engineers and technicians.
It’s a good fit for MGI, which is concentrating on developing industrial printing systems. In 2011 the company bought KÖRA-PACKMAT, a German automation specialist, which reinforced MGI’s expertise in the fabrication of precision mechanical systems.

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