Meteor releases driver for Samba GMA99 printheads

Meteor Inkjet, which develops drive electronics and software for industrial inkjet printheads, is now supporting the Fujifilm Dimatix Samba GMA99 printhead with its new HDC-GMA99 Head Driver.

Meteror has developed this head controller for the Fujifilm Samba GMA99 printheads.

Meteor has developed a gigabit Ethernet print controller, the PCC-E, which can cope with up to 8 GMA 99 printheads through Meteor’s new HDC-GMA99 Head Driver. This print controller can drive both binary and greyscale capabilities and supports ultra-high data rates, large image buffers and long cable lengths to handle any number of printheads in a single scanning system. Meteor claims that its drive electronics and software are capable of producing complex, multi-pulse waveforms to control printhead drop ejection volume, velocity and timing, allowing system builders to get the best from these printheads.

Clive Ayling, managing director at Meteor says: “Meteor has long enjoyed a close working partnership with Fujifilm Dimatix and this allows us to release our electronics and software at the same time as Dimatix releases sample volumes of the printhead. This ensures customers are ‘ready to go’ when the head is in full production.”

The Samba GMA printheads boast 1152 nozzles, a native resolution of 300 dpi and ink drop size of 5 pl. The GMA 99 printheads can jet a wide range of fluids including UV curable, solvent and aqueous inks. It is primarily aimed at scanning applications such as textile, indoor signage, soft signage and high-quality UV printing. Meteor already supports the GMA 33 version of the Samba.

At this point, some readers may be experiencing deja vue as I covered a similar story last week when Global Inkjet Systems announced its head management board for the Samba GMA heads.

You can find more details about Meteor at its website

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