Massivit announces 1800 Pro 3D printer

Massivit has introduced a new large format 3D printer, the 1800 Pro, which appears to have the same size and basic specifications as the existing 1800 but with a new variable resolution extruder.

The Massivit 1800 Pro is a 3D printer for large format displays that features a variable resolution extruder.

The new model also gains Massivit’s Smart Pro software, which comes as standard, and which allows operators to set the print mode in terms of resolution level and layer thickness. This can be changed on-the-fly during the printing of a model where different sections of a model have their own requirements. There’s also a new Mega Quality resolution mode that allows for faster, high-quality printing of large objects,optimizing gel consumption and printing time. 

The new Pro version can also be monitored remotely from a tablet. Massivit also seems to have improved the maintenance with new automated maintenance procedures that are triggered according to collected data, as well as customizable priorities for preventative maintenance.

Otherwise, the build size remains at 145cm x 111cm x 180cm, the printing speed is still 35cm per hour on the Z axis and it continues to use Massivit’s proprietary Dimengel Gel as its build material. 

The Massivit printers are unique amongst 3D printers in that they are mainly aimed at producing large format displays rather than additive manufacturing. They’ve been successfully used to create signage, advertising hoardings, props in film and stage productions and concept prototypes. 

Amir Veresh, vice president of Business Development and Marketing at Massivit 3D, commented: “The company’s vision is to assist print shops to overcome intense market competition, increase their profit margins, enter new niche markets, and attract new clients by offering fresh services, applications and design possibilities. The new Massivit 1800 Pro will empower print shops to be leaders in their market and to benefit from its fresh production capabilities; cost-effectiveness, outstanding reliability, and precise repeatability.”

Meanwhile the existing 1800 has been redesignated as the Flagship model, which seems like a bit of a misnomer because the new Pro machine is clearly the flagship of the Massivit range. There’s also a slightly smaller 1500 printer. The new printer, which is already available in Europe and the UK, will be shown at next week’s Fespa show in Berlin and you can find more details at

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