Kodak updates Nexpress printers

Kodak has made some improvements to its Nexpress dry toner printers. This includes the expansion of long sheet capability, from 36 inches to up to 1 metre or 39.37 inches with an optional Long Sheet Feeder. Presses currently installed with a Long Sheet Feeder can be upgraded in field to support the 1 metre sheet length.

Another improvement is Dura Coat Mode, which uses clear toner to deliver a clear thin matte layer over only the locations on the sheet that have CMYK ink, based on automated image processing from the DFE. This economically protects the underlying ink in mailing applications and uses less clear ink than other forms of flood coating. It also gives a unique finish to differentiate jobs. Dura Coat Mode is available on presses configured with System 15.1 software.

There’s a new Light Black HD Dry Ink for the fifth imaging unit, which typically reduces the amount of CMYK ink used on the sheet.

Finally, there’s an automated imaging cylinder cleaning system designed to reduce operator maintenance and increase imaging cylinder life. This system will be standard on all presses using HD Inks and optional for presses using non-HD Inks.

These configuration changes will become standard on all presses built in 2015 and will be available as optional or standard upgrades on the majority of installed presses.

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