Kodak updates Nexpress front end

Kodak has released its System 15.1 software for the Nexpress VII front end. This gains three new print modes: Economy, halftone screen designed to use significantly less ink and also increase the lifespan of the operator replaceable components; Ink Optimisation, which saves on the CMY inks by using black wherever possible and should also give greater colour consistency; SmartRGB, which improves skin tones by removing grain.

The front end now comes in two configurations. There’s an Ultra Performance version, with 64GB of RAM so the press is never waiting for files, reducing JPEG compression errors while still keeping fine details, which is aimed at photo-rich and high variable data content applications like direct mail and transactional printing. The High Performance version has 32GB of RAM and is best suited for supporting standard commercial digital print applications.

The DFE update comes alongside the introduction of the Long sheet delivery unit, which allows for sheets up to 355 x 406mm.


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