Inktec launches SubliNova G7 ink

Inktec has expanded its range of after market SubliNova dye sublimation inks with a new SubliNova G7 ink, which is designed to work primarily with Epson DX7 printheads, though it’s said to also work with Epson DX5 and TFP heads,

Inktec’s SubliNova G7 is an aftermarket dye sublimation ink formulated to work with Epson’s DX7 printheads.

This should mean that it’s suitable for a range of printers from the likes of Epson, Mutoh, Mimaki and Roland. There’s a full range of colours available, including cyan, magenta, yellow and black, as well as a high density black, light cyan and light magenta, and two fluorescents, yellow and pink.

This ink mainly seems to be intended for use with transfer papers. Inktec says that the main benefit of this ink is that it’s cheaper than the branded inks but can still deliver good print quality with a consistent density. It’s said to offer good ink flow, a wide colour gamut and excellent light fastness though in all honesty that’s exactly what all the ink vendors say about their products. 

All of these colours are available in a 1 litre pack or bottle, with most also coming in a 2l pack or 20l bottle. This ink is said to be environmentally friendly; free from formaldehyde, VOCs and Alkylphenol and features full compliance with RoHS.

Peter Davidson, head of IP Consumables Sales at InkTec Europe says: “We are thrilled to offer this new generation of dye sublimation ink, the increase in colour density delivers outstanding vibrant colour, which together with the ink flow performance matches the latest high speed production requirements. More excitingly this is just the start of the new innovative products we will be introducing in 2020.”

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