Inca launches Onset R50i flatbed

Inca Digital is filling out its range of high speed wide format flatbed printers with the launch of a new Onset R50i. This is essentially a faster version of the R40i that was developed roughly a year ago to give a good balance between image quality and speed. Thus it uses Fujifilm Dimatix Spectra printheads with a fixed 14 picolitre drop size and 1000dpi resolution. But the R50i has 56 heads per colour, where the R40i has 28 per colour. It can produce up to 600 sqm/hr, positioning it in the middle between the R40i, which can produce up to 400 sqm/hr, and the faster S50i, which can print up to 720 sqm/hr.

It takes substrates up to 3.14 x 1.6m and 50mm thick and can produce up to 120 full-bed sheets an hour. It has a 15-zone vacuum table, a UV sensor system and mechanical substrate height detectors.

There are eight ink channels, with the printer configured for two sets of CMYK. Heather Kendle, Inca’s director of marketing and product management, says that although more heads can be added to an R40i to bring it up to the specification for an R50i, it can only run the CMYK colours, adding: “So the customer will need to decide if he wants more speed at a slight reduction in tonal quality.”

There’s a choice of Caldera or Colorgate RIPs and users can choose between uni-directional, bi-directional and high-quality or high-productivity modes.

Inca already has one order for it, from Wilmot Budgen, based in Coulsden, Surrey, a provider of POP & display applications for the retail market in the UK.

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