Huber Group acquires ink manufacturer Alden & Ott

Huber Group USA has bought the American ink manufacturer Alden & Ott in a private deal. Huber has said that it expects to retain virtually all employees and management team.

Tom Alden, president of Alden & Ott, (left) wth Derek McFarland, president of Huber Group USA.

Huber Group is a family-owned company with more than 250 years of experience in the printing inks industry. The group is made up of some 40 companies spread over 130 sites with 3500 staff. Last year it reported sales of approximately $885 million.

Alden & Ott Printing Inks Company was founded by Joe Alden and Henry Ott in 1957. It produces custom solutions for both the offset and flexo printing markets in the Midwest and Northeast of America.

Derek McFarland, president of Huber Group USA, commented: “As a key raw material supplier, we already had a great relationship with the talented Alden & Ott team and had discovered how much we share a commitment to providing our print customers with products and service that help them delight their customers.  Specifically, our combined capabilities in conventional, water-based, low-migration and energy-cured inks will create an enviable offering to the growing packaging market.”

Separately, Huber Group has raised prices on some products by up to 10%, which it attributes to increases of raw materials. This includes water-based and energy curing printing varnishes due to increases in binder components.

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