Huber Group launches new food inks

The Huber Group has launched a new range of sheetfed offset inks and coatings under the brand Huber Group Eco-Offset Inks Premium Plus, which are said to be low-migration and low-odour for conventional offset food packaging printing and for the manufacture of toys.

These Huber Group Eco-Offset Inks Premium Plus carry the Cradle to Cradle silver certification for health and safety and environmental standards.

These inks are part of Huber’s Cradle to Cradle series, which are produced in accordance with various safety and environmental standards. The certification takes into account the technical and biological recyclability of the product and the sustainable and environmentally responsible behaviour of the manufacturer together form an overall concept. There are different standards, with an earlier set of sheetfed offset inks reaching gaining the bronze certificate while these inks have reached the silver standard.

Bernd Groh, Huber Europe’s head of Product Management for commercial sheetfed, explained: “Food packaging that is printed with our low-migration inks complies with all regulatory requirements and also those laid down by brand owners; no unevaluated ink constituents migrate to the package contents. These MGA inks and matching MGA overprint coatings now also possess Cradle to Cradle Silver status. In achieving this status, hubergroup has extended the applicability of the phrase Safety first to the environment, too. Printing ink is no longer just a functional material used to enhance the attractiveness and visual impact of safe packagings and to make information visible and readable; it now also helps ensure that these packagings can become a valuable raw material in the biological or technical cycle.”

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