Heidelberg launches new Stahlfolders

Heidelberg has launched a new set of Stahlfolders. This includes a range of buckle plate folders, prefaced with BH, and combination folders, prefaced with CH, available in 56, 66, 78 and 82 centimetre widths. They are said to be both faster and cheaper than the existing TH/KH models, yet use the same essential components such as the Extra Grip folding rollers, the proven Tremat sheet separation and the nonslip gear drive.
They make greater use of automation and are said to be easy to use with touch screen controls. Thus the folding roller gaps and buckle plate stops can be set and stored automatically with a new job, which reduces set up times, so that repeat orders can be reproduced any time quickly and precisely with the original set values. Moreover, many adjustments can be done in parallel which makes life easier for the operator.
The new BH/CH machines can be custom-tailored with various options and modules, such as automation, feeder types or configurations of fold units. The Stahlfolder BH-machines are available with up to 4 folding stations. For the CH models the cross-fold variants KL, KTL and – additionally in the 78 working width – the cross fold variants KLL and KTLL are available. The machines can optionally be equipped with flat pile feeder, round continuous feeder or pallet feeder. 

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