GlobalVision revamps its web platform

GlobalVision, which develops quality control solutions, has redesigned its web-based Proofware inspection platform and renamed it GlobalVision Web. This now gains HTML5 support.

GlobalVision has revamped its web-based solution to support HtmL5 and renamed it GlobalVision Web.

There’s no need for Java or any other additional plug-ins so the system can load larger master and sample files faster, as do inspections to locate errors on packaging. There’s a new user interface with a more efficient workflow that mimics GlobalVision desktop platform.

Reuben Malz, founder and CEO of GlobalVision, commented: “The goal, regardless of whether you are inspecting via the cloud or directly from your desktop, you can expect not only consistency, but the industry’s best and most reliable high-performance quality control platform.”

GlobalVision inspection solutions are used to compare proofs and final printed products at the pixel level against original content. The solutions can check the accuracy of text, graphics, barcodes, Braille, spelling and print.

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