Four Pees to integrate FileTrain automation

The Belgian distributor Four Pees is to work with the Swedish developer, Laidback Solutions, to distribute its FileTrain product. This is designed to automate repetitive tasks such as copy, move, delete, FTP upload/ download and email functions but also includes more advanced capabilities such as image processing, XMP-routing and database communication. It can be integrated with other programs. Four Pees already distributes a range of workflow products, including Enfocus Switch and Callas pdfToolbox Server, which would both be a good fit with FileTrain.
Tom Peire, CEO at Four Pees, explained: “FileTrain, in combination with the other technologies Four Pees distributes, offers the capability to implement a lean manufacturing process whether that is for a flyer, brochure, book, magazine, banner, or box”.
FileTrain has no options, nor add-ons. It’s one product at one price: €2500. A 20% annual support and maintenance contract is available and mandatory for the first year.
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