Wide format workflow PixelBlaster updated

SAi, which specialises in developing software for wide format and CAD use, has upgraded its PixelBlaster wide format workflow to version three. PixelBlaster is a modular system, based on technology from Aurelon. (The same Aurelon technology also underpins PrintMaster from Four Pees as well as ProductionSuite from GMG.)
The new version gains a new Layout tool, which boasts true shape nesting, manual job positioning, double-sided printing, white handling and cutting. PixelBlaster Layout also replaces the existing “Add Job” dialog of PixelBlaster Engine and the “Submit Job” dialog commands of PixelBlaster Central.
The Library gains a new interface and now incorporates PixelBlaster Profile so that it is possible to create all colour profile components: print mode, ink splitting, calibration and profile.
There’s a new integrated media manager that gives an overview of every profile, including spot colour edits and a new test chart generator that recognises the defined media width supports both external measurement devices and internal devices like those found in HP Designjet and Epson Stylus Pro printers.
In addition, RIP’ing performance has been improved and new rendering parameters deliver significantly improved sharpness, when needed. A Cut tab has been added to the queue function so that it is now possible to define printing and cutting parameters for jobs in the same queue and to combine printing and cutting into one fully automated production workflow.

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