EFI updates Packaging Suite

EFI has released Packaging Suite 4.0, which is based around its Radius MIS. The suite also includes elements from other EFI software programs, as well as some integrated components from other suppliers, such as Esko’s Automation Engine.

This new release includes 20 certified workflows designed for label and package converting environments. These should provide a good starting point for many companies and take some of the complexity out of having to set up a workflow.

There’s also a new Dynamic Intelligent Estimating and Planning component with advanced CRM and job-planning capabilities for folding cartons. It has a browser-based interface and can match equipment and processes to deliver accurate estimates. It can also automatically plan the most cost-efficient job path for production.

EFI has also improved the workflow around film extrusion and flexible packaging converting, with better support for extrusion and lamination processes and better recording and tracking of weights throughout the core Radius MIS.

The Packaging Suite also gains a new Workbench, which is a centralised collection of widgets designed to help estimators and customer service reps.

David Taylor, general manager of the enterprise segment for EFI’s Productivity Software, said: “Converters and the brands they serve will benefit from key advancements in customer engagement and management, order acquisition, scheduling production, data collection and financial and business reporting.”

Andrew Hartwig, managing director of Firstan, which has been using the Packaging Suite, agreed with this assessment, saying: “We are able to see the capacity we are using on the factory floor, looking at overtime, holidays, and so on for planning. We use it for purchases and factory management. We can now make accurate quotations and know that the margins we aim for are what we will actually get.”

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