EFI showcases workflow software

EFI used its Connect user conference to demonstrate a new JobFlow digital print workflow automation program. This supports multi-job submission, extended third-party job processing, workflow sharing and enhanced usability.

EFI has introduced three new additions to its series of Productivity Suites. The basic concept is that the Productivity Suite includes a workflow plus a selection of add-ons and an MIS, that have been developed alongside it to ensure that the whole system can work together. Last year, EFI launched this concept with the Enterprise, Midmarket commercial and Packaging Suites and now it has added three new suits for quick printing, publication print and corrugated packaging segments.

EFI has also set up a way for its customers to network together, to share ideas and business relationships. Called Imaging of Things, it essentially allows print service providers to post images of work they’ve produced, hopefully without infringing anyone’s copyright.

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