EFI updates Optitex software

EFI has released a new version of its Optitex textile design software, with a new Print and Cut feature that enables printing of all garment patterns on a single roll. This alone should lead to significant savings in fabric roll inventory of 15-40 percent when compared to traditional methods.

EFI’s Optitex textile workflow software has been updated with a new print and cut feature.

This latest version also has an improved nesting algorithm that should lead to up to 4 percent better utilisation of the fabric. It also gains better automation tools including true-to-life fabric simulation, cross-size simulation and multi-colourway-multi-angle rendering. It can show custom 3D views of designs of samples for product catalogues and design review meetings, which can speed up the workflow without needing physical samples to be produced. 

There are new tools to simplify complex stitching and grading, including designs for bags and pockets. There’s a new gusset creation tool that makes it easier to define complex gusset shapes for bags, jackets, coats and pants.

EFI has also added a library of more than 150 commonly-used fabrics plus support for a new licensing mechanism for the Alvanon all-in-one avatar editor. 

Amir Lehr, general manager for EFI Optitex, explained: “In order to respond to the fast pace of fashion and changing buying behaviours today, implementing end-to-end digital workflows is no longer a nice-to-have; it is survival. With this new Optitex release, full design-to-production preparation can be automated, enabling customers to focus on creativity, to quicken execution, and allow for the customisation required in today’s demanding market.”

He adds: “As on-demand manufacturing of fashion and apparel continues to gain traction around the world, this new release offers the necessary efficiencies required to meet market requirements for faster time to market, accuracy, customisation and personalisation, as well as profitable and timely production of small mixed orders.”

You can find further details on this at EFI’s website here.

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