Congra becomes largest shareholder in Global Graphics

12th March 2019

Regular readers may remember that at the end of last year I reported on a proposed takeover of Global Graphics, developer of the Harlequin RIP, by Congra Software, which owns Hybrid Software, and now we have a new chapter in this story.

Gary Fry, CEO of Global Graphics.
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Autodesk acquires BuildingConnected

3rd January 2019

Autodesk, which mostly develops software for manufacturing including 3D printing, is in the process of acquiring BuildingConnected, which will add bid management, risk analysis and other preconstruction solutions to Autodesk’s construction portfolio.

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Congra changes tack with Global Graphics deal (Updated)

27th November 2018

Congra Software is still planning to take over Global Graphics but has abandoned its original offer – which I’ve covered earlier, both with the initial announcement and a more in-depth report. Instead, Congra has opted for an altogether different approach. Continue reading “Congra changes tack with Global Graphics deal (Updated)”

Kodak sells Flexo division to Montagu (Updated)

13th November 2018

Kodak has sold its Flexographic Packaging Division to Montagu Private Equity LLP in a deal said to be worth up to $390 million. The deal should be finalized in the first half of 2019, subject to the usual regulatory approvals. Continue reading “Kodak sells Flexo division to Montagu (Updated)”

Global Graphics and the price of success

1st November 2018

Two weeks ago I reported on the proposed acquisition of Global Graphics by Congra Software and I think this is worth a more detailed look if only to see some of the thinking that goes behind acquisitions like this.

Global Graphics has developed screening tools to counter problems such as mottling, sometimes called the orange peel effect, which occurs when the ink film cracks as it dries or cures.

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