Xerox to close Impika

27th November 2019

Xerox is planning to shut down Impika, the French inkjet press developer that it acquired back in 2013, despite having opened a worldwide research centre at the Aubagne site in 2014.

Impika showed off this iPrint eXtreme at Drupa 2012, complete with giant touchscreens on the front to replace the normal operator control panel.
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Xerox abandons Fuji Xerox business

6th November 2019

Xerox has sold its remaining 25 percent stake in the Fuji Xerox joint venture to a subsidiary of Fujifilm, while Fujifilm has also agreed to give up on its efforts to sue Xerox for $1 billion following the failed merger last year. The two have also modified and extended the existing sourcing terms for future products to ensure Xerox can still supply these.

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DIC to acquire BASF pigment business

30th August 2019

DIC, a Japanese company familiar to most people as the owner of Sun Chemical, is set to acquire BASF’s global pigments business known as BASF Colors and Effects, or BCE, in a deal valued at €1.15 billion. This includes €985 million in cash plus the outstanding debts. 

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Congra becomes largest shareholder in Global Graphics

12th March 2019

Regular readers may remember that at the end of last year I reported on a proposed takeover of Global Graphics, developer of the Harlequin RIP, by Congra Software, which owns Hybrid Software, and now we have a new chapter in this story.

Gary Fry, CEO of Global Graphics.
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