Durst employee catches CoVid-19

Durst has said that a member of its staff in South Tyrol, Italy has tested positive for the Corona virus and that a second employee had been told to self-isolate for two days.

Durst has put in place measures to limit the spread of the CoVid-19 illness at its headquarters in South Tyrol, Italy.

In a statement, Durst said that it had been 13 days since the affected person had visited its headquarters and that they had had only limited contact with other emloyees. Durst says that it can continue to supply printers for the next few months and that its ink deliveries are not affected.

Durst has already imposed travel restrictions on its staff, and reduced meetings and customers site visits to a minimum. The company was not affected in the initial lockdown in the north of Italy but has now been caught up in the country-wide lockdown that Italy announced a few days ago. 

Christoph Gamper, Durst’s CEO, stated: “We have created all the prerequisites for employees to be able to work from their home office wherever possible.” 

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation has now declared that the CoVid-19 outbreak is a pandemic in a bid to force governments to further limit travel, noting that this is the most effective way to stop the further spread of the virus. This has led directly to the US banning visitors from mainland European countries though not Britain or Ireland. 

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