Agfa updates Jeti Tauro H3300 LFP

Agfa has announced several updates for its Jeti Tauro H3300 LED wide format printer, as well as a new four-colour configuration for faster production.

Agfa has developed this light roll-to-roll unit for the Jets Tauro H3300 LED for occasional roll-fed work.

The Jeti Tauro H3300 is a 3.3m wide hybrid printer that was originally launched in May 2018 as a six-colour printer with light cyan and light black. It’s designed for 24/7 work with a range of rigid and flexible substrates including paper, styrene, corrugated cardboard and corrugated polypropylene.

The new four-colour version has the same number of printheads – 48 Ricoh Gen5 heads but uses 12 heads per colour, while the six-colour model has eight heads per colour. Agfa now says that while the original model is designed for high quality work, the new CMYK version can produce sellable ‘production’ quality in three passes for better productivity. Both versions can also be configured with white ink. 

There is also a new Automatic Board Feeder (ABF) that allows for faster changeover between different media sizes or types. It’s a manual loader with automatic alignment and transport into the printer, which saves an operator’s time and gives greater accuracy for double-sided printing. Other options include full manual, full automatic and semi-automatic loading.

The printer can be configured for either rigid boards with tables or rollfed media with a master roll-to-roll feeding system. However, Agfa has now added an optional light roll-to-roll unit that allows users to take on occasional single roll-to-roll work but with the ability to quickly convert the printer back to sheet mode. 

This four-colour version has already been installed at a French large format printer called Creavi, which also runs a six-colour Tauro H3300. Dominique Robert, who owns Creavi, says that the productivity of both is outstanding, adding: “We can quickly move from one job or substrate to the next. As the engines are fully automated, they work almost autonomously – in three shifts, all throughout the year. The Jeti Tauro also sets new standards in print quality. Our clients’ demands are always increasing, yet the Jeti Tauro printers enable us to deliver exactly what they need. And all of that at a low ink consumption.”

You can find further details on the Jeti Tauro H3300 LED from

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