Comexi adds job costing to cloud services

Comexi has expanded the Production Analytics element of its Comexi Cloud offering by integrating a new Job Costing service.

Comexi Cloud features production analytics and job costing.

This should allow converters to analyse the production costs for each  job that’s run on an individual press. It can take real time data such as the amount of energy or ink that a given press is using. Just about every modern press records this sort of data but Comexi has linked this data to the jobs being run through the press so that converters can work out the real cost of each job, and know what to charge for similar or repeat orders – at least as far as the printing element of each job is concerned. 

Comexi says that customers can now export this data to external systems, which I would have thought most customers would expect nowadays. 

Comexi says that it’s working on adding predictive maintenance to its Cloud services. The idea is that by analyzing normal working conditions it will be easier to spot problems that might lead to printing defects or a machine stop. Ultimately the aim is to be able to completely automate the configuration and set up of each press based on applying machine learning algorithms to all the data stored in the Comexi Cloud, such as the speed of the presses and amount of waste generated, as well as the press uptime and any running problems. 

You can find more information on the Comexi Cloud services at

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