Baldwin buys QuadTech

Baldwin Technology Company Inc, which develops process automation solutions, consumables and services for the print, packaging industries, has acquired QuadTech, Inc from Quad/Graphics. QuadTech develops control systems, mainly for packaging and newspaper printers.

From left: John Woolley, Business Leader, PC Industries; Herman Gnuechtel, Business Leader, Web Printing Controls; Brent Becker, President & CEO, Baldwin; and Karl Fritchen, President, QuadTech.

Baldwin has said that it will combine QuadTech with two of its existing divisions—Web Printing Controls and PC Industries—creating a global platform that will operate as Baldwin Vision Systems. This division will have a range of product technologies, including closed-loop automation for registration, inking, colour management, web handling and 100 percent inspection for the commercial, newspaper, labels, packaging, converting and publication gravure industries.

The new division will be led by Karl Fritchen, currently QuadTech’s president, who noted that the two companies complemented each other, adding: “The combination of products and expertise held within both companies will enable us to reach areas of the market we were unable to reach individually.”

This deal makes QuadTech the fifth company that Baldwin has acquired since joining the BW Forsyth Partners group in 2012, and the fourth completed in 2017. BW Forsyth Partners is the investment arm of multibillion-dollar global manufacturing and engineering consulting firm Barry-Wehmiller.

Brent Becker, President and CEO of Baldwin, commented on the QuadTech acquisition: “Together, we provide our customers an unmatched portfolio in commercial and newspaper automation, and I am very excited about the additional capabilities we will gain in the packaging markets. The work QuadTech has done recently on colour within the packaging market clearly places us as the industry leader, and we have aggressive plans to build upon that position. I fully expect that our combined global presence, coupled with a new tiered product offering, will position the company to further satisfy our customers’ needs in an even larger geographical area.”

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