Chromasens develops high speed inspection camera

Chromasens has announced what it claims is currently the world’s fastest, most powerful colour line scan CCD camera for high-speed machine vision applications.

The camera, the allPIX pro, has line rates up to 87kHz in standard models and up to 148 kHz in special OEM configurations. It allows for up to a 300% increase in speed compared to conventional CCD line scan cameras when used in CameraLink Full mode. It also has improved responsiveness thanks to upgraded tri-linear CCD sensors, while retaining the best legacy features of the original Chromasens allPIXA in a new more compact footprint.

Martin Hund, CEO of Chromasens, commented: “It can meet the throughput rate demands of high-speed print verification, tile inspection, food and fruit sorting, flat panel inspection, and other machine vision applications, so more products can be inspected in less time.”

Several models are available in resolutions from 2048 x 3  to 7300 x 3 pixels.

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