Canto builds FirstSpirit connection

Canto has partnered with E-Spirit to develop a standard interface that links its Canto Cumulus digital asset management (DAM) system with E-Spirit’s FirstSpirit content management system (CMS).

Editors and managers no longer have to switch between the CMS and DAM or log into two systems. Online editors work exclusively in the CMS and use the convenient search and filter function for selecting media files from Cumulus – without any system interruption. The aim is to make it easier for web designers to publish content directly on their various online and offline channels.

They will have an overview of all digital assets in the company, image licenses and copyrights while also benefiting from the editorial workflows and the usability of the CMS for flexibly publishing the media files. Creating websites, blogs, online stores, portals, social media and print products is optimized and developing a uniform customer experience is made easier.

Assets are organized centrally in an optimized Web format in Cumulus, so that if, for example, the usage right for one image expires, it is immediately deactivated in the website or replaced by a different image. FirstSpirit updates its own metadata from the Cumulus system.

Jack McGannon, CEO at Canto, comments: “We believe in the best-of-breed philosophy and want to make system integration as easy as possible for our customers.”

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