Canto updates Cumulus DAM

26th February 2016

Canto has released the 10.1.1 update for its Cumulus asset management system. There’s a new Portals Plug-in API to add additional functionality via configurable buttons. These buttons can be linked to the thumbnail view and the basket. The plug-ins are hosted in a Portals folder and can be managed via the Web Server Console. Continue reading “Canto updates Cumulus DAM”

Woodwing develops Content Cloud

17th September 2015

Woodwing, which specializes in enterprise-level DAM software, has developed a cloud-based centralized hub for publishers called Content Cloud which promises unlimited storage as part of its services. It’s billed as a single solution for content creation, production, archiving, sharing and analytics. Continue reading “Woodwing develops Content Cloud”

Esko acquires MediaBeacon DAM

17th March 2015

Esko has bought MediaBeacon Inc, a leader in digital asset management software solutions. The company is based in Minneapolis, US and most of its sales are in the US. It mainly works through direct distribution and strategic OEM partnerships in various industries ranging from Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods to Media, Print and the public sector. Continue reading “Esko acquires MediaBeacon DAM”

Canto DAM partners with Magnolia

27th October 2014

Canto has teamed up with Magnolia to integrate the Magnolia CMS’s Java Open Source platform into Canto’s Cumulus asset management program. The goal is to integrate digital assets into websites and apps and avoid duplicates and versioning of assets across marketing channels. Continue reading “Canto DAM partners with Magnolia”