Canon updates multiple wide format printers

Canon has updated its range of ImagePrograf printers with seven new models. This includes two 610mm devices – the iPF680/iPF685  – and two 914mm devices – the iPF780/iPF785  – which have been developed for the technical document market and are said to be faster and cheaper to run than previous models, with an optional 300ml ink tank as well as the standard 130ml tank. These five colour machines also benefit from a new magenta ink that expands the colour gamut and produces clearer red text and lines in CAD drawings, architectural renderings, posters and POS displays.

There are also new MFP versions, the iPF780 MFP and iPF785 MFP and an MFP version of the iPF8400SE 6-colour pigment device. These have a new version of SmartWorks software where the  scan length has been increased to 15m. There’s an optional Plus version that supports the production of multi-page PDFs on the fly, PDF/A scanning, and RGB colour correction in ‘Preview’ mode.

Canon has also updated its Direct Print & Share workflow software, which allows users to collaborate and print via the cloud. Version 2.0 supports a broad range of cloud providers and allows the printing of HPGL/2 files. There’s a new ‘Shortcut’ print feature that can print files without opening them by dragging files into a Shortcut with pre-defined settings.

From August there will be an Apple iOS app that will allow printing from an iPad on the new Canon imagePROGRAF 5-colour models.


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