Canon remanufactures new print model

Canon has announced details of a new dry toner digital press, the ImagePress C7000VPe. But this new model has been made out of parts from older machines, which have been disassembled to the frame level at a Canon factory. Key moving parts are replaced, and all disassembled parts are then thoroughly cleaned and fully tested before the machine is rebuilt using a combination of existing and new parts.

The resulting printers should be much cheaper as a high proportion of existing components  are re-used, saving the need for new raw materials and minimising waste. Canon says that these printers undergo the same quality assurance process as a newly manufactured device and have the same quality and performance as the original machine. Thus they can produce up to 71 A4 pages per minute and have the same in-line finishing capabilities as other Canon ImagePress models.

Canon also claims an environmental saving because a large amount of the CO2 emissions of any product over its lifecycle are associated with raw materials used to manufacture it.


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