Callas updates pdfaPilot5

Callas has launched v5 of it pdfaPilot, an Adobe Acrobat plug-in. This now allows users to convert and archive emails in PDF/A format, including PDF/A-3. This version of the standard allows digital messages, including attachments, to be stored in a single archivable PDF/A document, which also includes the original-format files. 

The pdfaPilot 5.0’s range of functions also includes support for the release candidate of the German ZUGFeRD data format, optimised transparency flattening for PDF/A-1, and improvements for PDF/UA (PDF for universal accessibility) and EPUB, the standard ebook format.

The update costs €379 for the desktop edition, €129 to upgrade from v4 to 5 and €4,499 for the server version. 


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