Barbieri develops textile Spectrophotometer

Barbieri has released a textile edition of its Spectro LFP qb Spectrophotometer, said to be suitable for working with any type of textile. 

Barbieri has released a textile edition of its Spectro LFP qb Spectrophotometer

The Spectro LFP qb is an automated device that comes with an integrated measuring table to hold the test charts in place. The new textile version gains automatic patch recognition whereby the Sensing Unit works with software algorithms to detect the centre of each patch of the chart to be measured so that the device can build a virtual map of exactly where all the patches are located. This allows it to cope with any distortions in the chart, which is a common problem with textiles if the fabric stretches or does not lie completely flat.

Barbieri has also added new textile holders to hold the test charts in place to improve the accuracy of the readings. In addition, there’s an air blowing system around the optical unit to prevent textile fibres from clogging it. 

These are all sensible improvements to a device that is otherwise well-suited to measuring textile materials. It has a large measuring aperture up to 8mm combined with 45°/0° geometry, and the measuring head can be detached from the main unit for easier spot readings. In addition, it can cope with fluorescent inks, which are commonly used in textile printing.

You can find more details on this at Barbieri’s website here.

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